Living A Balanced Life Is Up To You

Living A Balanced Life Is Up To You

Living A Balanced Life

Have you ever sat and wondered what it would feel like to live a balanced life? Many of us think we live in a balanced world but really have no idea what that truly means. If you live in a large congested city, you most likely are not living a balanced life because of the poor condition of the air, water and environment. If you live in smaller rural areas you have more of an idea what it means because of better environmental conditions in many cases. No matter where you live you can live in balance with your environment by creating it yourself. Do you know what it takes for you to live a balanced life?

How Life Gets Out of Balance

Life can be extremely stressful at times. With the demands of work or school, relationships, and finances the balance scale can get out of alignment quickly. At times it can be difficult to identify what is out of balance for you.  When you find things becoming extremely stressful, take a moment to stop and look around at what is happening.  Are you reacting to someone else’s anger or demands?  Are you taking your frustrations about a situation out on those you care about?  Every stage of life has its stresses. However, the resolution will always be the same. The answer is within each of us. Stopping yourself from over-reacting and taking a few deep breaths can work miracles.  What I am talking about is allowing yourself space to breath and look inside for the answer.

Taking a moment to stop and breathe in any situation will help bring you back into balance.

With the constant bombardment of advertisements pushing the next greatest product you must have in order to be pretty, popular, successful, etc it’s no wonder we are all stressed. Have you ever considered unplugging from technology for a while? Perhaps a few hours, a day or a couple of days would eliminate some of the stress. The financial pressure to Buy Now puts many people into a complete state of fear because they believe they are not successful or good enough if they can’t afford to “play the game.” That is not true.

Putting Your Life Back Into Balance

I believe that most people are craving a more balanced life. I also believe that most people do not know what to do to get that balance. With everything that is constantly bombarding us, people do not know how to shut things off and out of their lives because they’re afraid they’ll miss something. So what would happen if you shut out the noise, took a walk, read a book or sat quietly in a park and listened to nature? How would that make you feel? Do you think it would help you want to create more balance for yourself? I know it would. The over-stimulation we have in our world is meant to keep us distracted and detached from what is important… and that is US.

We are the ones in our life that can and must create our own happiness. When we have constant outside stimulation controlling us we have no idea what balance means. Finding joy in the things you do for a living will bring more joy, peace and balance. What are your natural talents? What do you love to do? Finding your balance it up to you. Taking the time to learn that for yourself can take some time or it may come quickly once you shut out the distracting noise for a while.

Finding Balance in Nature

Our world is amazing if we take the time to appreciate it. A quiet walk in a park, in a forest or by the ocean will do wonders for our spirit. The balance comes from breathing the fresh air, feeling the energy of what is around us instead of the negativity that tends to overwhelm us.

Nature will bring you balance and inspiration if you allow it.

When we take a walk in the forest, the oxygen from the trees provide many health benefits. The smell of the trees and grasses opens our senses to what is around us. Listening to nature may bring much needed inspiration and guidance for us on our path. What is it you want to create in your life? What direction would you like to go? The possibilities are endless.

Taking a walk in quiet solitude brings many benefits to us.

Nature provides us with negative ions that help us breathe deeper and feel more energetic. Taking our shoes off and walking barefoot along the ocean, in the forest or by a lake will ground us and allow us to feel more connected to nature. No matter where you live, you can get in touch with nature and the natural wonders it does for our bodies, mind and spirit.

Nature is the cure for our imbalances

What will it take for you to put your life in balance and to start a new path?  Only you can decide that for yourself. Now is the time to do that for you.


Why Nature Deserves to be Natural Again

Why Nature Deserves to be Natural Again

Technique, Glyphosate, Spraying, Fields

Rethinking the Use of Pesticides in Our World.

Nature deserves to be natural again, not blasted with pesticides. Why? Well because nature provides everything needed to keep things in balance. Have you ever asked yourself “if I could un-do or un-invent something, what would it be?” I know what mine would be. It would be the invention of pesticides. Yes pesticides of all kinds. The damage they have done to our world has been devastating in every possible way. Food, water and air that eventually works it’s way into our bodies.

For all pesticides to be effective against the pests they are intended to control, they must be biologically active, or toxic. Because they are toxic, they are also potentially hazardous to humans, animals, insects, organisms, and the environment. As soon as they were invented and used, they began taking everything out of balance. Nature had its own balancing system in place but because of humans’ need to make money and grow crops with little or no weeds, they created a toxic world for us to live in. That is why there are danger warnings on all labels. Yet, we are led to believe that the toxins only affect the bugs, not the plants, animals, and people that also come in contact with them. While the “pests” may die other life gets sick.

The Importance of Weeds

Weeds play a very important part in the natural balance. If it weren’t for weeds, the world would have lost more topsoil than it has to date, and humankind might have suffered mass starvation by now. Why? Because the plants we call weeds do a vital job in ecosystems. They quickly establish, protect, and restore soil that has been left exposed by natural and human-caused disturbances. Natural vegetation, we call weeds. provide many benefits to all living things such as food and shelter. These pioneer plants initiate the process of ecological succession that, if left uninterrupted, will eventually restore the plant community native to each region.

Countryside, Crop, Farm, Field, Grass

Even weeds have a purpose.

Cereals, Poppy, Poppies, Barley

What may be a weed to some may be a beautiful flower to others

What Is A Weed?

The word “weed” has been defined as a valueless plant growing wild or out of place, an unwanted plant, or a plant that is troublesome to the farmer and that may or may not interfere with crop or livestock production.  In many instances, weeds are a human judgment.  If the plant pops up and grows where human does not want it, it is called a weed. Yet if the same weed grows where the farmer wants it, it is considered a plant. Such an example would be alfalfa. If it is in the field, it is considered a crop that is valuable forage for livestock. However, it that same plant popped up in a vegetable garden or golf course, it would be considered a weed. Same for the clover. In a wild field it would be loved and appreciated by humans and insects. Bees would make clover honey from it while butterflies would get nourishment from its nectar..However, that same clover in a nice landscape would be thought of as ugly and immediately pulled or sprayed. It is all about perspective.
Butterfly, Tree White, Aporia Crataegi

Butterflies enjoy the nectar of the wild clover flowers.

What About the Insects?

Insects are everywhere. Without insects, our lives would be vastly different.  Insects pollinate fruits, flowers and vegetables. We wouldn’t have the produce we enjoy and rely on without them. Bees produce honey, and beeswax because of their effort in pollinating plants. Silk worms provide silk used in many cultures and is considered valuable.

Insects play a vital role in our ecosystem by not only pollinating plants but also by helping decompose dead animals and plants.  This decomposing effort is what brings natural fertilizer and plant food into place. Insects also provide a food source for other life forms.

Bee, Flower, Spring, Macro, Nature

This bee is getting pollen from a Gerber Daisey.

Bee, Honey Bee, Apis, Insect, Flower

All in a day’s work: two bees gathering pollen.

Insect, Beetle, Larva

Snails play an important part in the breaking down of plant matter for healthy soil.

Plague, Larva, Velvet Worm, Worm, Soy

Worms eat leaves of plants and help break down the fibers for the earth to become healthy soil to sustain life.

So why are humans so set on killing off life?

In our world today, the lack of proper education regarding our environment is taking its toll on our health by putting pesticides into our food and water. If we each took the time to do our part in learning for ourselves and then re-educating others of proper growing practices, and take the focus off of large corporations making money, we would see a re-birth of healthy living for generations to come.

Model, Red Weed, Field, Green, Plant

Enjoying the beauty of cotton fields that are blooming.

Cotton, Crop, Field, Brazil

Is this a sunset, or the dawn of a new era?



Say Hello to Hemp

Say Hello to Hemp

Colors available: White, Army Green, Earth Blue, Wine, Charcoal, and Sand

Hemp is a versatile plant and it also has a few heavy-weight titles. it is the longest and strongest plant fiber. Because we are very concerned about our natural resource, water, it is heart-warming to know that hemp only uses 1/20th the amount of water to grow and process as regular cotton. Hemp is naturally less vulnerable to insects and crowds out other weeds so pesticides and fertilizers become obsolete when we deal with hemp.

Did you know that hemp is illegal to grow in the United States? What sense did that make? you wonder. The answer is that it’s unavailability gave companies that cut down trees to provide paper and other products one less competitor to their operations. But look at the price we have paid. This decision has affected the climate, environment, water table, and more.

Entanglements between hemp and marijuana were done on purpose, for the reasons stated earlier. It wasn’t just banned; it was attacked, with mass sprayings with pesticides over countries that grew the plant. Funny how they attack the crops here in the U.S. to highly toxic levels, and still use them for clothing.

We are pleased to add hemp blended short-sleeve T-shirts (55% and 45% organic cotton) for women and men.

Men’s Hemp T-Shirt color choices are the same as the ladies.

There are a few enlightened countries that have figured out the truth. China, England, France, Russia and even our friendly neighbor to the north, Canada all grow hemp. In Ontario, Canada, hemp was rotated as a crop with soybeans and ended up reducing cyst nematode infestation by 50-75%, reducing the need for more pesticides. In England, hemp is grown as a rotation crop with wheat, which has resulted in a 20% increase in wheat yield without any commensurate increase in chemicals. We can import hemp products into the US, so your shirts are perfectly legal to wear and be proud of.