About Us

Representing a Fashion and Human Attitude

Change Begins In One’s Mind

There are a myriad of apparel companies to choose from, but in our case, PlanetaWear apparel represent a means to a different type of “end.”

While we want our designs to be fashionable and of the highest quality, making fashion statements are not the prime objective. Instead, by wearing PlanetaWear apparel, our customers are making a statement of intent, and of conscience.

  • Respect ~
  • Oneness ~
  • Responsibility ~
  • Intelligence ~
  • Motivation ~
  • Power ~

Our First and Forgotten Alma Mater

It’s humbling to see how we have overlooked this fundamental fact, but the Earth supplies everything that we need to have a physical experience within her atmospheric field. Yet, we think that we “own” her regions and the trinkets that we make (including our physical form), when the constituent parts are “on loan” from Her.