Colors available: White, Army Green, Earth Blue, Wine, Charcoal, and Sand

Hemp is a versatile plant and it also has a few heavy-weight titles. it is the longest and strongest plant fiber. Because we are very concerned about our natural resource, water, it is heart-warming to know that hemp only uses 1/20th the amount of water to grow and process as regular cotton. Hemp is naturally less vulnerable to insects and crowds out other weeds so pesticides and fertilizers become obsolete when we deal with hemp.

Did you know that hemp is illegal to grow in the United States? What sense did that make? you wonder. The answer is that it’s unavailability gave companies that cut down trees to provide paper and other products one less competitor to their operations. But look at the price we have paid. This decision has affected the climate, environment, water table, and more.

Entanglements between hemp and marijuana were done on purpose, for the reasons stated earlier. It wasn’t just banned; it was attacked, with mass sprayings with pesticides over countries that grew the plant. Funny how they attack the crops here in the U.S. to highly toxic levels, and still use them for clothing.

We are pleased to add hemp blended short-sleeve T-shirts (55% and 45% organic cotton) for women and men.

Men’s Hemp T-Shirt color choices are the same as the ladies.

There are a few enlightened countries that have figured out the truth. China, England, France, Russia and even our friendly neighbor to the north, Canada all grow hemp. In Ontario, Canada, hemp was rotated as a crop with soybeans and ended up reducing cyst nematode infestation by 50-75%, reducing the need for more pesticides. In England, hemp is grown as a rotation crop with wheat, which has resulted in a 20% increase in wheat yield without any commensurate increase in chemicals. We can import hemp products into the US, so your shirts are perfectly legal to wear and be proud of.