Put conscience and meaning into your fashion statement.

Perhaps it’s time that we admit that there’s yet something for us to learn about living on this Great Sphere, and that we’re eager to show we have learned how to fix many of the problems that have festered for so long. If these thoughts ring true for you, we invite you to embrace and celebrate your enrollment in the Life Studies on the Great Campus that is the University of Earth.

Say Hello to Hemp

Hemp is a versatile plant and it also has a few heavy-weight titles. it is the longest and strongest plant fiber. Because we are very concerned about our natural resource, water, it is heart-warming to know that hemp only uses 1/20th the amount of water to grow and...

Get Started!

Be part of the beginning of a movement that will be without end. Starting with “University of Earth” designed on high quality men’s and women’s, long and short-sleeve T-shirts, the line will expand to apparel for children of all ages, and languages.